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Quality pregnancy care gives you the support you need medically and emotionally during your entire pregnancy and birthing experience. Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz MD, PA, and his compassionate team in Miami and Hialeah, HCA Florida Kendall Regional Hospital, support you during each stage of your pregnancy to monitor the baby’s growth, watch for complications, oversee prenatal screenings, and care for your health and comfort. If you’re pregnant or thinking about trying to get pregnant, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Pregnancy Q&A

What is pregnancy care?


Whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy, you need expert pregnancy care. Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz MD, PA, and his team take care of you before, during, and after your delivery. Pregnancy care includes prenatal care, monitoring, screenings, and support provided during the nine months of your baby’s gestation.  

How does pregnancy care follow through to delivery?

Pregnancy care is all-inclusive. It includes the time before you get pregnant and prepares your body to conceive and carry a child for nine months. You get medical and emotional support in the form of prenatal care.

The team is also there to support you in the labor and delivery of your baby. They can oversee complex deliveries and cesarean sections when needed.


Your pregnancy care continues into the immediate postnatal period. You require support as your body heals from pregnancy and childbirth. 

Why is prenatal care important for pregnancy?

Prenatal care ensures you and your baby stay healthy during pregnancy. The team provides screenings and support necessary to help your baby thrive. During regular prenatal visits, they detect any potential problems early and can provide the necessary care.


Prenatal visits usually occur:

  • Once per month during weeks 4-28

  • Once every two weeks during weeks 28-36

  • Once per week during weeks 36-40

If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you may visit Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz MD, PA, and his team more often for prenatal care. High-risk situations include maternal age older than 35, a pre-existing maternal health condition (such as diabetes), or pregnancy with multiples.

What does pregnancy care involve?

At your first pregnancy visit, the team establishes your due date, detects the baby’s heartbeat, does a pelvic exam, and runs blood work. At later visits, you’ll undergo screening tests like ultrasounds that provide valuable information about your health, your baby’s health, and how your pregnancy is progressing. The team may also recommend prenatal vitamins for you to take daily. 


You can ask questions about your pregnancy at these visits. These questions may involve diet, exercise, travel, medications, and other lifestyle issues. Questions are encouraged during your visits, and you’re welcome to contact the team with any immediate concerns or uncertain changes.


To find out more about pregnancy care, call Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz MD, PA, or schedule an appointment online at the office nearest you today.