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Childbirth is an exciting event but can also come with potential health risks. Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz MD, PA, and his skilled team in Miami and Hialeah, HCA Florida Kendall Regional Hospital, specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. They can help manage your entire pregnancy, including labor and delivery. To learn more about childbirth support from the team, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Childbirth Q&A

What is childbirth?

Childbirth is the stage of your pregnancy when you deliver your baby. Though women give birth every day, no labor and delivery are like another. 


The team at Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz MD, PA, provides education and support for childbirth. They do their best to follow your birth plan while keeping you and your baby safe.

What are the types of childbirth?

Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz MD, PA, and his team offer many options for bringing your baby into the world. The type of childbirth best suited for you depends on you and your baby’s health requirements.


Types of childbirth include:

Natural childbirth


Natural childbirth, also called vaginal delivery, is the most common and safest form of childbirth. For natural childbirth, you follow your contractions and push the baby out through the vaginal canal with guidance and support from the team.


Natural childbirth usually means no medication for pain control.

Assisted vaginal delivery


Assisted vaginal delivery includes the various tools that Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz MD, PA, and his team may use to help deliver your baby. These might include forceps or vacuum extraction to help guide your baby out of the birth canal.


An episiotomy (surgical cut from the vaginal opening to the anus) is another type of assisted delivery. Breaking your water and inducing labor are also forms of assisted vaginal delivery.

Cesarean section (C-section)


A C-section is a surgery that removes your baby through a cut in your lower abdomen. You may need a C-section to keep you or your baby safe during delivery. 


The team may recommend a C-section early on in your pregnancy if you have placenta previa (placenta blocking the birth canal), fibroid, or another condition that puts you or your baby’s life at risk if you have a natural childbirth. 


Or, they may recommend a C-section during your vaginal delivery if it’s not progressing safely.

What type of childbirth is best for me?

You work closely with the team to determine what type of childbirth is best for you. They talk with you about your birth plan and how they can make it work. 


The team may also discuss other childbirth options and when they’re needed. 


To find out more about childbirth options, call Carlos Rodriguez Ortiz MD, PA, or schedule an appointment online at the office nearest you today.